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When the last guest leaves your establishment and the paperwork has been completed,

allow Stellar Spaces cleaning crew to come in and transform

and recreate your space, for morning business.

Consistency in cleanliness at any restaurant establishment is vital, for a successful eatery.  

In a world where Yelp reviews are a blessing and a curse,

doing your part in gaining loyal customers, will create repeat business.  

One bad experience of an unclean space, could cost you thousands
from just one single guest, yearly.

Hiring Stellar Spaces is investment in the reputation and safety of your business. 
Keeping a sanitized work space for your front of the house staff,

will ensure a clean space for food presentation.

We offer a customized, front-of-the-house cleaning service that will result to a perfect health inspection. 
Our 24 hour porter cleaning crew, will have your eateries,

set and ready for business by the time your establishment opens its doors, the following morning.

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